Wednesday, February 10, 2021
11:00 AM - 11:50 AM (EST)
Clear Touch - Engaging students, in and out of the classroom!

In this session learn how to connect with students in and out of the classroom with interactive content that includes opportunities for enrichment and differentiation! Participants will learn how to access the Nuiteq Snowflake Community with thousands of pre-created interactive student activities that can be used for any learning environment. We will explore how these can be edited and individualized to meet the needs of different learners. Additionally, we will develop ways to enhance learning by incorporating extended learning options, project-based assignments, websites, & instructional videos. This will be an interactive virtual session allowing participants to share their questions and insights about lesson design, pedagogy, and ways to create a student-centered learning environment in and out of the classroom. During the session, participants will be engaged in interactive polling to deepen understanding and drive discussion. The session will begin with demonstrating the array of ready-made content designed to engage students in hands-on learning. Next, the content will be taken into edit mode to demonstrate how it can easily be customized to meet individual instructional needs. This will include the option to add extension activities and projects, leading to a discussion on the importance of providing extended learning opportunities that are student-centered and personalized. The session will conclude with a demonstration of how these activities can be sent to students providing a method for teachers to monitor progress and use data to drive instruction, differentiate, and scaffold learning for students. ***participants will be engaged in polling throughout the session***

Sarah Lowey
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