Full Name
Beth Hughes
Job Title
English & Creative Writing Teacher
Wakefield Memorial High School
Beth is a tech-loving, high school English teacher whose mission is to reintroduce her students to the love of reading with authentic, real-world tasks. This is her 26th year in education--which is, of course, a mathematical anomaly since she's only 25. 😬

Before teaching, Beth dabbled in higher education and human resources; however, she feels Blessed (not #blessed) to have stumbled onto a career that she absolutely loves. Yates had it right: “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.” And Beth is grateful to those students and colleagues who have kept the fire in her ablaze. While Teaching in the Age of Corona feels like a neverending inferno, Beth is doing her best to focus on CONNECTING (with her students) more than CORRECTING (their work). (When she figures out how to do that, you'll be first to know!) She blogs at msbethhughes.org.
Beth Hughes