Full Name
Laura Hubert
Job Title
Digital Learning Coach
Chelsea Public Schools
Laura is in her 17th year as an educator in the urban district of Chelsea, MA. After twelve years as a fourth-grade classroom teacher and two years as a math coach, she is now in her third year as a digital learning coach, working with elementary teachers to create meaningful and engaging 21st-century learning experiences for students.

As classroom technology evolved over time, and informed her instruction , Laura also watched her students evolve over the years, with their needs and learning styles changing as quickly as the technology that was transforming their learning. Laura's goals are to ensure that her 21st century students are receiving a 21st century education, through opportunities to engage in innovative creative thinking and collaborative problem solving, in order to develop the skills that will be essential for their success. Laura's work involves integrating the DLCS standards into elementary instruction, incorporating more STEM activities into content areas, and providing after-school robotics and STEM clubs for students.

Laura provides regular professional development to teachers on instructional technology, digital literacy, 21st century skills, and STEM integration. Laura holds an M.Ed. in Literacy and Language and a graduate certificate in Instructional Technology from Boston University--and is a Google Level -2 certified educator and a Discovery Education STAR Educator. Aside from all things technology, Laura's other professional passion is social studies and civics education.
Laura Hubert