Full Name
Bram Moreinis
Job Title
Technology Coordinator
Springfield Lyceum College Prep
Mr. Moreinis has supported progressive public school reform with technology integration at classroom, school and district levels. He loves to help teachers create engaging, learner-centered lessons, units and projects, offering his trained eye, deep technology skill-set, and bias for collaborative, constructivist learning in real-world contexts.

For several years, Mr. Moreinis has been teaching Computer Science, modulating the intensity and screen-centric focus of that work with Restorative Circles for community building and social-emotional learning. When the pandemic struck, he continued to use circles with his students remotely, using shared whiteboards.
The maturing of Google Jamboards and their integration with Meet offer a perfect complement to Tier 1 Restorative Circles.

Professional Website: https://myinstructionaldesigns.com
Bram Moreinis