Full Name
Hedreich Nichols
Job Title
Author, 7th grade edtech lead, host of the YouTube series on equity, Small BItes
Uplift Education
Hedreich Nichols is a curriculum designer and Middle Years Program district tech lead from North Texas. She is also an author and equity consultant helping teachers and schools amplify the voices of all students. With her newly released "What is Antiracism" and "What is the Black Lives Matter Movement" for students, as well as her upcoming Solution Tree title for teachers, Hedreich uses her knowledge and experiences to ensure that teachers have the skills and knowledge needed to create more equitable classrooms.

Hedreich also has a vlog on YouTube, Small Bites, with the same focus. Between Small Bites and her work as a speaker and writer for teacher prep programs; educational publications and podcasts like Edutopia and Cult of Pedagogy; and in conferences like VASCD and AEILOC; Hedreich uses her voice to educate and create change around issues of access and equity in education.

Prior to being an educator, she was a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter. Hedreich
received her Master of Education at Texas A&M University.
Hedreich Nichols