Full Name
Michael Thomas
Job Title
Sr. Digital Learning Analyst
Springfield Public Schools
Michael was born in Burlington, VT and lived there most of his life. Having the opportunity for authentic learning experiences throughout his formative education years he wanted to deliver that to his future students. After completing his education through Johnson State College with a degree in Education he began his work in education as a paraprofessional and sports coach. After a few years of teaching, coaching soccer & basketball, he moved to Massachusetts and began a new phase as a head teacher in fifth grade. He spent time at two different schools in Springfield, one with a charter model and one with a more traditional model. During those seven years he learned and honed his technology skills such as utilizing a learning management system, using technology to create authentic learning opportunities and learning how to use technology to create actionable steps for student learning after assessments. Eventually, Michael was promoted within the district to his current position.

Mike is a huge proponent of using technology in education and a firm believer in the flipped classroom and blended learning models of teaching. His time teaching led him to discover his real passion in education, helping teachers understand the benefits of technology in the classroom. During his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, watching movies, working with the science of fermentation, playing bass and creating things with his hands.​​ ​
Michael Thomas