Full Name
Paula Boylan
Job Title
Occupational Therapist,
Mansfield Public Schools
I have been a practicing pediatric Occupational Therapist for the past 30 years, working in a variety of settings including pediatric rehabilitation, specialized day schools, and finally landing at the Mansfield Public Schools in 1999. Early in my career, I recognized the value and benefits of the use of technology to help to level the playing field for all of the clients I was working with. In the early 90’s I was a member of the Assistive Technology Team at Franciscans Children’s Hospital and Rehabilitation Center in Brighton, MA and since that time, have continued to grow and expand my knowledge and understanding of the impact that technology can have on a wide variety of persons with varying abilities. In 2016, I earned a Master of Education degree in Educational Technology from Framingham State University. . This degree allowed me to build on my skills of assessing individuals’ strengths and weaknesses and using that assessment to match those areas with appropriate tools to facilitate independence and apply that knowledge to an educational setting. Since achieving that degree, I have worked as the building technology assistant for our K-2 building, helping to facilitate the integration of technology into the classroom for both staff and students.

In my other job, I am the mother to 2 grown daughters, one of whom is a practicing speech and language pathologist, and one of whom is studying to be a Physician Assistant at Springfield College. My husband and I are novice beekeepers and when I am not helping tend to the bees, I love to read (for pleasure) and craft.
Paula Boylan