Full Name
Marlena Gross-Taylor
Job Title
Founder of EduGladiators
EduGladiators LLC
Marlena Gross-Taylor is the founder of EduGladiators and a nationally recognized ed leader with a proven track record of improving educational and operational performance through vision, strategic planning, leadership, and team building. A Nashville transplant originally from southern Louisiana, Marlena’s educational experience spans several states allowing her to have served K-12 students in both rural and urban districts. She has been recognized as a middle school master teacher and innovative administrator at the elementary, middle, high school and district levels. Because of her sound knowledge of both elementary and secondary education, Marlena has broad-based experience creating and implementing dynamic interactive programs to attain district goals while leveraging her flexibility, resourcefulness, and organizational and interpersonal skills to foster learning through a positive, encouraging environment.

Marlena’s professional development expertise has national attention and she serves as an AMLE middle school expert. She has also leveraged her past experience in corporate management to also include corporate training and leadership coaching in her repertoire of consulting services focused on culture, engagement and increased productivity. Marlena is a seasoned presenter keynoting conferences and delivering dynamic professional development sessions.

As a proud Louisiana State University alumnus, she is committed to excellence and believes all students can achieve. Follow Marlena on Twitter @mgrosstaylor or visit her websites: www.marlenataylor.com & www.edugladiators.com.
Marlena Gross-Taylor