Full Name
Caitlin Krause
Job Title
Author, Speaker, ExperienceDesigner
MindWise / Stanford / VirtualWorld Society
Caitlin Krause, founder of MindWise, focuses on the intersection of technology and wellbeing. She currently teaches about the subject at Stanford University. She is the Director of Business and Community Development at the Virtual World Society. In September of 2020 she released Designing Wonder: Leading Transformative Experiences in VR. She recently authored The Importance of Presence as part of the XR Collaboration Global Resource Guide, unveiled at AWE 2020. Since 2019, Caitlin has created and run numerous collaborative experiences in social XR, fusing presence, mindfulness, storytelling, curiosity and emotional intelligence. After two decades of classroom teaching and leadership experience, she authored Mindful By Design (Corwin Press, 2019) helping individuals and teams navigate complexity and change, prioritizing mindful wellbeing, design and imagination. Find out more at caitlinkrause.com.
Caitlin Krause