Now Available - 2020 TWICE Retailer Reports

In a time when consumer focus is less on devices and more on the content those devices deliver, how have major consumer electronics retailers and e-tailers fared? Find out by purchasing the latest editions of TWICE's annual Retail Reports, produced in partnership with Senex, an industry research and analysis firm. 


Even with 3.6% overall growth, nearly half of the E-tailers in our rankings were hit hard in 2019. #1 Amazon brought in nearly 32 billion in online sales – over 25 billion more than Best Buy and Apple Stores, the nearest competitors. Find out which E-tailers reaped the most rewards in TWICE's annual Top 25 CE E-tailer Report.

For the top major appliance retailers, 2019 was full uncertainty. Regardless of its challenges, the year resulted in a slight decline in the industry, even as Sears continued to diminish and consumers turned to other outlets for their next purchase. Find out which dealers reaped the most rewards in TWICE's annual Top 50 Major Appliance Retailers Report. 

Sales from the top consumer electronics retailers nearly reached the $140 billion mark. See who's winning, who's losing, and who's leaving share on the table in this annual must-read report with exclusive market research.

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