Wednesday, February 10, 2021
8:00 PM - 8:50 PM (EST)
Self-Care: Mindful by Design

Caitlin Krause leads investigations of how we can use mindfulness, curiosity and care to find better inspiration, connection and quality of life in these disrupted times. Come share and learn practices for self-care, imagination, wellbeing and wonder in these two online talks on February 10 and 11 at 8-8:50pm EST. Join the following talks, and make sure to bring your book!

February 10, 8-8:50pm EST: Mindful by Design talk about mindfulness and self-care. Find the link to the book page and community discussion here, and the Corwin Press bookstore here.
On Feb. 10, we will also be referencing Ruth Henry’s 2020 mindfulness book Can We Rise as an interactive art and meditation journal.

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Caitlin Krause
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