Former Anthem CEO and noted investor, BEN LYTLE is a serial entrepreneur and visionary. 

He has launched five successful companies, including two on the New York Stock Exchange. The best known is Anthem, one of three leading U.S. health plans with
a market capitalization placing it in the top 30 of the Fortune 500, with a market value of $100 billion. He also founded Acordia, Inc., which became the world’s 7th largest insurance broker.

A policy expert who served on state and Presidential Commissions, Lytle is also a governance leader with extensive public company experience.

Lytle’s devotion to individual and collective human potential through accelerated wisdom guides his writing, speaking, entrepreneurial energy and investments. He believes people and organizations today underestimate the extent and speed with which the world will change. Time to adapt and prepare is being compressed, opportunities are being missed, and there will be unnecessary suffering unless prompt action is taken.


Ben is the author of the new book, The Potentialist: Your Life in the New Reality of the Next Thirty Years.  The book is intended as a guidebook for success during the fast-changing, turbulent, and opportunity-rich times ahead — named The Fourth Industrial Revolution by the World Economic Forum.

Ben has extensive public policy experience as chairman of Indiana’s Healthcare Commission and the Foundation for Better Health, as a member of President Bill Clinton’s Commission on Consumer Protection and Healthcare Quality, and as a board member of the American Enterprise Institute, one of the nation’s leading public policy organizations.