With InfoComm’s recent announcement, we want to assure you that we will be running the awards. We are excited to announce that the InfoComm Best of Show special edition celebrates those products which would have been showcased at InfoComm, and shares them with 95,000+ relevant professionals in the audio visual industry.

All registrations are still valid.

Presented by Future US, Inc

Future US proudly invites nominations for this year's special edition of InfoComm Best of Show Awards, presented by Sound & Video Contractor, AV Technology, Digital Signage, Rental & Staging Systems, Installation, Pro Sound News, Mix, Tech & Learning, and Government Video. These awards are intended to honor – and help you promote – outstanding products launching during these unprecedented times. 

Each year hundreds of new products are submitted by InfoComm exhibitors, with the cancellation of the conference we are dedicated to help suppliers to draw attention to their products submit them for consideration by our panel of judges. Winners will be covered online, on social, in print, in newsletters, and on other platforms at the discretion of each editor. Winning products receive engraved trophies.

In addition, all submitted products will be covered with a full-page feature in the Awards Program Guide (click here for an example), sent  as a digital e-zine to the combined reader lists of all participating publications. So even those products that are not selected to win will get valuable and timely post-show exposure by entering the Best of Show special edition Awards.

Entries close Friday May 29, 2020

 All Nominees will be featured in the Hot Summer Product Guide coming out this Summer.

  • The Hot Summer Product Guide will be THE most important guide for the industry, and will aim to recognize every successful AV launch this year
  • Your brand will be reviewed by some of the most influential editors in the AV industry. All entrants will receive an official nominee logo for use in marketing their product and will be featured in our Special Edition Program Guide which will be delivered during the season of Infocomm
  • Want more promotion for your product? New This Year:  Available only to Best of Show Program participants, add a full- or half-page ad to your free Product Entry page in the Hot Summer Product Guide at a discounted rate - a $595 discount, the cost of your entry!

See the 2019 guide here

You may submit a product for consideration by one or more of these publications, and you may submit multiple products. 


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The program recognizes the outstanding new products  which would have been exhibited at InfoComm20.  The InfoComm Best of Show special edition allows you to connect with the buyers digitally, during this unprecedented time.

Entries are judged by an on-site panel of independent industry professionals during InfoComm20. Judges use both the descriptions provided by you via our nomination form as well as their own anonymous inspection at the convention.

Any company that has launched a new AV product since InfoComm19 can enter a product. Products must be shown publicly and scheduled to ship within 2020. If a product was shown in the same form at last year’s convention it is not eligible. Judges have discretion in determining whether a product is new.

Thousands of new products are introduced at the InfoComm each year. Help make yours stand out. In addition, every product nominated, whether chosen for an award or not, will be featured in the special Awards Program Guide, to be distributed in eBook digital form after the convention to more than 95,000+ Future publication readers.

New This Year: Available only to Best of Show Program participants, add a full- or half-page ad to your free Product Entry page in the Hot Summer Product Guide at a discounted rate - a $595 discount, the cost of your entry!


May 29 2020. Please note that late nominations will not be accepted.
(To view the 2019 Program Guide, click here)

$595 per product nominated, per brand. Independent judges from each brand consider each product separately. All entries are also included in the Awards Program Guide eBook in the section(s) for each brand entered.

Just nominate the product for each by checking the appropriate box(es) on the product’s form; so for example, if Jones Smith Manufacturing wishes to nominate a new product for consideration by three magazines, the nomination price is $1,785 ($595 x 3). The entry form will guide you.

Yes. There is no limit to the number of products you may nominate. Each requires a nomination form and entry fee(s).
A panel of judges and editors, chosen in advance by the editors of our publications, will review nominations and choose the winners on a points score against a range of criteria as determined by the editor of each brand. Criteria may include but are not limited to, innovation, ease of use, quality against category, return on investment, market relevance, etc. LIst of criteria will be made publicly avaialable at the editors' discretion, usually when winners are announced.

It should be new since last InfoComm. A product need not be introduced literally this month; you might for instance have shown a product some months prior at AES or IBC. Judges are instructed to consider if it’s “new to the Infocomm.”

Judges also have discretion in determining whether a product is new, and in general, we lean toward including, not rejecting. But if a product was shown in the same form at last year’s convention it is not eligible. (If you showed it last Infocomm in preview form, it may raise questions for judges; include an explanation in your nomination; for instance, “We showed this in beta last year but did not nominate it, and now it is shipping.” Of course, if you nominated it last year, it’s hard to make the case it’s new.)

Yes. It will not be published prior to the awards or shared with anyone beyond the judges or editors. Judges receive the nomination information approximately five days prior to the show. Products that are strictly embargoed should be indicated as such in the text of the entry. (Just put the word Embargoed at the beginning and end of the product description).
It’s best to provide an image with your nomination, though not mandatory. If you can’t provide a photo, just remember to send us one in time for your product’s page in the Award Guide, which is included in your nomination fee.

Click here to nominate a product and pay by credit card.

Prior to the conclusion of Infocomm. 
Winners will receive a crystal award after the convention. Winners will be reported in Future publications Sound & Video Contractor, AV Technology, Digital Signage, Rental & Staging Systems, Installation, Mix, Tech & Learning, Government Video, and Pro Sound News. All nominated products and booths will be featured in the special Best of Show Awards Program Guide, to be distributed in digital edition form to thousands of readers of those publications after the convention.
Remember that the text and image you provide here will be seen by the judges and also published in the Program Guide. 
  • DO prepare carefully.
  • DO provide a good product photo.
  • DO use the full word count.
  • DO explain your product to the judges and the public; what makes it unique?
  • DON’T provide just a few sentences and a Web link, or just a list of specifications;
  • DON’T provide complex images like flow charts (they do not reproduce well when they must run small on a single page).
  • DON’T refer to the show in the future tense like “We will show this at InfoComm,” because the public will see this text after the show.
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