8 Award Programs to Nominate for Best in Market 2021

In the absence of the NAB Show 2021 Future US proudly invites nominations for the  Best in Market Awards,
intended to honor – and help you promote – outstanding new products from 2021. 

Each year hundreds of new products are submitted for the Best of Show and Best in Market Awards, many of whom tell us they like the fact that the program allows vendors to tell our judges exactly which products they want to be considered, and why, from among thousands being showcased in the industry.

Every single nominee gets a full-page feature in the Program Guide, exposing your product and your brand to more than 95,000 readers across our 11 publications. Win or not, the Best in Market Awards present  a huge opportunity for national exposure. 



Why You Should Enter:

You'll receive a "Nominee" logo right away to display in your booth and social media marketing, to help increase pre-show and on-floor awareness of your product.

Every nominated product - not just the winners - gets a full page of coverage in our post-show Program Guide, distributed to 95,000+ readers of our participating brands.

Winners are reported by our industry leading brands. We'll provide winners with marketing assets and award hardware to help leverage and promote your victory to stakeholders.
Experts from the industry's leading brands judge your nomination. Companies that enter the awards benefit from this thought leader awareness among our industry's engineers and editors.
All nominees are featured in the Program Guide, which has an enormous post-Awards distribution.

See the last show guide here!


Entries cost $625 per product per brand.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Best in Market awards offer an awards platform for the many products and solutions in the marketplace which are unable to exhibit at trade shows this year. The program is open to all manufacturers of professional AV products and solutions, regardless of exhibitor status at major events. The Best in Market awards will be judged and presented by Future brands TV Technology, TVBEurope, Next, Mix, Broadcasting & Cable, Radio World, and Sound & Video Contractor. These awards are intended to honor – and help you promote – outstanding products launching in 2021.


Any company that is launching or showcasing a new product this Fall. Products need not be shipping but must be shown publicly in or by October 2021. If a product was shown in the same form at the 2019 NAB Show it is not elligible.

In the absence of the Fall NAB Show, the Best in Market awards give you the opportunity to shine a light on the products you've released over the last year.  You'll receive a "Nominee" logo to display in your booth and social media. If you win, you'll receive an award and an information package to help you promote the win to the industry. Further, every product nominated, whether chosen for an award or not, will be featured in the special Program Guide, to be distributed in eBook digital form after the convention to more than 95,000+ Future publication readers. (To view the 2019 Program Guide, click here.)

All entries should be submitted by 6pm ET October 13.  We reserve the right to consider late applicants as circumstances dictate. Please note that on-site nominations are not accepted.

$625 per product nominated, for consideration by your chosen Future magazine. You may submit a given product to multiple magazines, at $625 each. The fee for booth nomination is the same, $625.

Just nominate the product for each by checking the appropriate box(es) on the product’s form; so for example, if Jones Smith Manufacturing wishes to nominate a new product for consideration by three magazines, the nomination price is $1,875 ($625 x 3). The entry form will guide you.

Yes. There is no limit to the number of products you may nominate. Each requires a nomination form and entry fee(s).

A panel of judges and editors, chosen in advance by the editors of our publications, will review nominations and choose the winners.

It should be new since the last NAB Show. A product need not be introduced literally at this show; you might for instance have shown a product some months prior at AES or IBC. 
Judges also have discretion in determining whether a product is new, and in general, we lean toward including, not rejecting. But if a product was shown in the same form at last year’s convention it is not eligible. (If you showed it last NAB in preview form, it may raise questions for judges; include an explanation in your nomination; for instance, “We showed this in beta last year but did not nominate it, and now it is shipping.” Of course, if you nominated it last year, it’s hard to make the case it’s new.)

Yes. It will not be published prior to the convention or shared with anyone beyond the judges or editors.

It’s best to provide an image with your nomination, though not mandatory. If your product is software, perhaps use a photo of a staff member in front of a computer screen using the product, or do a screen grab, or show product packaging or product logo(s). If you can’t provide a photo, just remember to send us one in time for your product’s page in the post-convention Program Guide, which is included in your nomination fee.

Winners will be announced online, week commencing October 25th. 

Winners will receive a crystal award some weeks after the convention. You’ll also receive the winner logo artwork to use in your social media and marketing. Winners also will be reported by Future brands TV Technology, TVBEurope, Next, Mix, Broadcasting & Cable, Radio World, and Sound & Video Contractor. All nominated products and booths will be featured in the special Best of Show Awards Program Guide, to be distributed in digital edition form to thousands of readers of those publications after the convention.

Remember that the text and image you provide here will be seen by the judges and also published in the Program Guide. 

  • DO prepare carefully.
  • DO provide a good product photo.
  • DO use the full word count.
  • DO make the association among multiple products clear.
  • DO explain your product to the judges and the public; what makes it unique?
  • DON’T provide just a few sentences and a Web link, or just a list of specifications;
  • DON’T provide complex images like flow charts (they do not reproduce well when they must run small on a single page).
  • DON’T refer to the show in the future tense like “We will show this at NAB,” because the public will see this text after the show.
  • DON’T jam multiple products into one nomination if you are nominating a family of products.

Email our team at bestofshow@futurenet.com