Best of Show 2024 at NAB Show

The prestigious annual awards acknowledging outstanding products and solutions in the technology and media industries on show at NAB are back for their 10th anniversary. The Best of Show 2024 award is for those exhibiting at the NAB Show, acknowledging the very best on display at this year's convention.

These awards, from industry leading brands of Future plc, provide a great opportunity for companies to stand out at one the most attended shows in the industry. There are a range of benefits, from fully-licensed winner's badges to physical trophies for display, a suite of winner's marketing assets to editorial coverage from our award brands, which include TV Tech, TVBEurope, Broadcasting+Cable, Next TV, Radio World, Sound & Video Contractor, Mix and ITPro.

Click the button below to begin your entry ahead of the April 8th deadline, or continue to browse through the site to find out more about the awards including how to enter, what Future plc brands are involved in the awards, benefits for entering and a range of FAQs.

Why You Should Enter

All entries will receive a fully-licensed 'nominee' badge to use in both digital and print promotions, in addition to a 'nominee' placard to display at their booth. 

Nominees and winners will receive a free full-page press ad in an official post-awards eGuide, distributed to over 100k subscribed readers from participating brands.

Winners will be announced on the official awards site and through press releases, and will receive further promotion in our participating brands' subscriber facing content.

Entrants will receive a placard to display at their booth, both at the beginning of the show as a NOMINEE and towards the end of the show as a WINNER, if chosen.
All nominees and winners are featured in the post-awards eGuide, distributed to all participating brands' audiences.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Best of Show 2024 awards are for all products being launched or on-display at 2024 NAB Show. If you're an exhibitor, you can make your product or solution stand out in post-show pieces by entering the Best of Show awards. These products will be judged by both remote and on-site judges, providing you a chance to demonstrate what they're all about.

Any company registered to exhibit at the 2024 NAB Show. Products need not be shipped but must be shown publicly in or by April 2024. Entrants from previous years are allowed to enter this year's awards.

You'll receive a 'nominee' badge once entered which is fully-licensed and can be used to promote your entry both online and in print promotions. In addition to this, all entrants into the awards will receive a 'nominee' placard on the first day of 2024 NAB Show to display at their booth.

If then judged to be a winner, you will receive a 'winners' package containing a fully-licensed winner badge, pre-made winners social post, template press release, and another 'winners' placard which can be displayed at your booth. Following this, you will be featured in our award brands' promotional material for the awards which includes online articles, newsletters, social posts and subscriber-facing emails.

Furthermore, every product nominated will receive a free full-page press ad, whether judged as a winner or not, in a special post-awards eGuide distributed in digital format after the show to more than 100,000+ Future publication readers.

All entries should be submitted by 23:59 PST April 8, 2024.  We reserve the right to consider late applicants as circumstances dictate.

$625 per product nominated, for consideration by your chosen Future magazine. You may submit a given product to multiple magazines, at $625 per entry.

You are able to nominate multiple products and/or into multiple categories. Simply create your first entry and if you would like to enter that same product into a different category, simply 'duplicate' the entry and change the category in the duplicated entry to your other chosen publication. Alternatively, if you would like to enter a different product, simply create a new entry after finishing your first.

Yes. There is no limit to the number of products you may nominate. Each requires a nomination form and entry fee(s).

A panel of judges and editors, chosen in advance by the editors of our publications, will review nominations and choose the winners.

Yes. It will not be published prior to the convention or shared with anyone beyond the judges or editors.

It’s best to provide an image with your nomination, though not mandatory. If your product is software, perhaps use a photo of a staff member in front of a computer screen using the product, or do a screen grab, or show product packaging or product logo(s). If you can’t provide a photo, just remember to send us one in time for your product’s page in the post-awards eGuide, which is included in your nomination fee.

Winners will be announced during the show, currently scheduled for April 16th, 2024.

Remember that the text and image you provide here will be seen by the judges and also published in the post-awards eGuide. 

  • DO prepare carefully.
  • DO provide a good product photo.
  • DO use the full word count.
  • DO make the association among multiple products clear.
  • DO explain your product to the judges and the public; what makes it unique?
  • DON’T provide just a few sentences and a Web link, or just a list of specifications;
  • DON’T provide complex images like flow charts (they do not reproduce well when they must run small on a single page).
  • DON’T refer to the show in the future tense like “We will show this at NAB,” because the public will see this text after the show.
  • DON’T jam multiple products into one nomination if you are nominating a family of products.

Email our team at Alternatively, you can contact our Awards manager Jon Massingham directly (