Full Name
Rory Bathgate
Job Title
Staff Writer
Future (ITPro)

Rory Bathgate is a staff writer at ITPro. He is a subject expert on artificial intelligence and business networks and additionally covers a wide range of areas including cyber security and hardware. Throughout his time at ITPro, Rory has charted the rise in popularity of generative AI and specifically companies such as Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google. 

Alongside this, he has delved into increasing calls for ethical and responsible AI as global legislators circle the technology, as well as the latest in mobile networking technology, from 5G mmWave to the 3G sunset and how it will affect businesses.

He has provided coverage from high-profile tech conferences such as Dell Technologies World, SuiteWorld, and VMware Explore Europe. His on-the-ground coverage has included live blogs and extensive daily coverage of the most significant announcements, as well as analysis pieces and podcasts.

Indeed, Rory is also a full-time co-host of the ITPro Podcast alongside Jane McCallion, where he swaps a keyboard for a microphone to discuss the latest learnings in tech. Each week, a guest comes onto the show to discuss topics such as cyber security, productivity, or digital transformation in detail.

Rory has an MA in Eighteenth-Century Studies from King’s College London, as well as a BA in English and American Literature from the University of Kent. He joined ITPro in 2022 as a graduate, after four years in student journalism.

Rory Bathgate